Tree Care Handbook Vol. 1, Flowering Dogwood

Onebark Consulting Arborist has announced the pre-release of the Tree Care Handbook, Volume 1, first of a series of free technical manuals on the care of specific tree species. This particular release covers crucial instruction for the care of the Flowering dogwood Cornus florida.

How is this handbook different from other related articles? The Tree Care Handbook series contains aggregate information from treatises, US government publications, and forestry texts; and most importantly, draws upon the profound knowledge of experienced professional tree care practitioners.

The handbook series is designed to:
Weed out erroneous and generic advice from the art of tree care
Highlight best management practices for trees
Promote strong links between online tree care sources

Please come back and comment here after downloading the handbook. Feedback regarding the handbooks will be considered for future volume releases.

Download Tree Care Handbook Vol.1, Flowering Dogwood.


Rurality said…
That book is great! I wish I'd had it when we were in our previous house and had a lot of dogwoods in the yard. After just glancing at the book I realized several things we were doing wrong.
MikeB said…
Great manual! This is just the thing that is needed for people, whether they are homeowners or professionals, to get quick facts about culture and physiology of different species of trees. Great idea.
Thanks for bringing awareness to this handbook. By weeding out unsavory tips, best tree management practices may be used.

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