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What property owner doesn't want healthy trees? But is pruning an essential part of tree maintenance and health?

Before going any further, I cannot find any evidence, other than anecdotal, that pruning live branches and limbs from a tree will make the tree healthier. In fact, overpruning a mature tree could significantly shorten its lifespan. Dr. Kim Coder has published a very informative article concerning this very subject. He notes that severe pruning could lead to a correspoding dieback of roots. Many research arborists believe that ANY live wood pruning may equate to some level of dieback in the root system.

Larry Stouse, president of Horticulture Solutions correctly defines pruning as "The removal of plant parts to benefit the remaining parts." So before a saw is taken to a tree, there must be goal in mind first. What are we trying to achieve? Then the most important question must be answered: "is the pruning the correct solution to the problem?" I have …