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City of Atlanta Updates its City Arborist List

The Arborist Division of the Atlanta City Government regularly updates a list of their city Arborists. There are four municipal field personnel, each responsible for a quadrant. They are:

Area 1: Tom Coffin 404.330.6077
Area 2: Janell Bazile 404.330.6071
Area 3: Paul Lewkowicz 404.330.6882
Area 4: Michael Franklin 404.330.6079

For final inspections, contact Stanley Domengeaux 404.546.1047

The Arborist Division is esponsible for reviewing and approving all building permits and tree removal plans.

How To Measure the Height of a Tree

On September 7, 2006 the San Francisco Chronicle reported that researchers had just discovered a 378 foot (113 meters) tall tree that is probably the world's tallest living tree. If you think you can find a tree that can break that record, or just want to measure that tree in your backyard, try these techniques. These methods can also give you a good approximation of the heights not only of trees, but also of telephone poles, buildings, magic beanstalks—pretty much anything tall.
Shadow Method
Know your exact height in the shoes you will be wearing to perform this method.
Stand next to the tree or the object to be measured. For best results, do this method on a bright, sunny day. If the sky is overcast, it may be difficult to tell exactly where the shadow’s tip is
Measure the length of your shadow. Use a tape measure or yardstick (meter ruler) to measure your shadow from your feet to the tip of your shadow. If you don’t have someone to assist you, you can mark the e…

Amazing Flowering Dogwood Tree is Now Historic

Think you've seen some awesome Dogwoods? Try this one out. Athens, Georgia is home to a monster Cornus.

I first saw this specimen in 1996, when I was touring the Hospital grounds in preparation for some tree pruning. I remember thinking that it should be on some kind of "Big Tree List" or something, but I was too preoccupied (lazy) to do anything about it.

The Georgia Urban Forestry Council inducted the tree into its own Historic Tree Register this year. It is located directly beside Prince Avenue at Athens Regional Medical Center. It measures 24" inches in diameter at the base and it is in perfect condition. Next to the tree is a plaque noting its date of planting as 1951, by Charles L. Pope. The majority of the residents regard this tree as one of the largest Dogwood trees in the state of Georgia.

If you would like to write the tree a letter, its address is 1199 Prince Avenue, Athens GA. Or you can just take a trip and see it at Athens Regional Medical Center. …

Tree Care Handbook Vol. 1, Flowering Dogwood

Onebark Consulting Arborist has announced the pre-release of the Tree Care Handbook, Volume 1, first of a series of free technical manuals on the care of specific tree species. This particular release covers crucial instruction for the care of the Flowering dogwood Cornus florida.

How is this handbook different from other related articles? The Tree Care Handbook series contains aggregate information from treatises, US government publications, and forestry texts; and most importantly, draws upon the profound knowledge of experienced professional tree care practitioners.

The handbook series is designed to:
Weed out erroneous and generic advice from the art of tree care
Highlight best management practices for trees
Promote strong links between online tree care sources
Please come back and comment here after downloading the handbook. Feedback regarding the handbooks will be considered for future volume releases.

Download Tree Care Handbook Vol.1, Flowering Dogwood.