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Tree Removal - Atlanta procedures

Prior to making the decision to remove a tree, it is critical to determine whether the tree presents any kind of risk to your home or property. These steps are recommended to assure you are spending your money wisely and not wasting a valuable natural resource:Have your entire property inspected by an unbiased arborist. You should pay to have this service completed. A consulting arborist is going to be concerned with assessing risk, and not selling you tree removal services. It is worth every penny.Evaluate the impact the tree removal will have on your property. How will it change your landscape? Will it increase sunlight, open views, or create erosion problems? Will you need to spend additional resources in cleanup, landscaping, or replanting?Investigate the local laws concerning tree removal. The Atlanta area has many municipal ordinances that regulate tree removal on private property. Contact your local office of Community Development or City Manager. Don't forget to refer to y…