Georgia Arborist Association Breaks Loose with 10k Grant

The Georgia Arborist Association is charging forward in its efforts to organize local tree care companies, thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Georgia Foerstry Commission through its Urban & Community Forestry Grant program. The 14-year old professional association of tree workers, arborists, and tree enthusiasts is using the grant to fund the GAA's first executive director position, a move that promises to pump fuel into the growing organization.

On October 12, the GAA announced that the new executive director, Donna Rayfield, would take over the day-to-day operations of the association. This bold step will free the board of officers to lead rather than administrate. Rayfield is currently the secretary of Rayfield Tree Care, and will serve as a part-time director. Her strengths in business management, web administration, and business networking will add new depths of talent to the GAA. "We want to move the GAA from a local focus to a state and regional focus," Rayfield commented. "Right now the GAA is primarily an Atlanta organization, but it needs to pull together all tree care companies that operate in Georgia." When asked how the GAA will accomplish this, Ms. Rayfield responded, "Right now, the most value the organization can provide is professional networking, training opportunities, and business development."

As a benefit to members, GAA offers safety and technical training for tree workers, continuing education credits at their bi-monthly meetings, and social networking opportunities. The GAA also sponsors the Tree Climber's Jamboree, an annual competition for professional tree climbers held in March.


JLB said…
Sounds like GREAT NEWS for the trees of Georgia!

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