Piedmont Park is Focus of Important Tree Study

The Piedmont Park Conservancy has had enough, and they aren't going to take it anymore. Last year, one of the largest trees in the fell victim to Ambrosia beetles, after an estimated 12 trees died over the past several years.

Fueled by a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation, the Conservancy hired Bartlett Tree Experts to conduct a study of the insect at the Piedmont Park. The study concentrated on determining the population levels of the beetle and the threat it poses to the park's forest. The results of the study, which was just recently completed, has led to the development an integrated management program for control of the pests on mature and young trees in Atlanta's most important park.

On October 12, the Conservancy hosted a formal presentation of the findings of the report to concerned green industry professionals, property managers, and park supporters. Onebark Consulting Arborist is particularly interested in the findings of this report, since the arboricultural consulting firm deals with the protection and care of mature oaks on such a routine basis. Onebark hopes to analyze the findings of the study and use the information to help homeowners and communities champion their historic and high-value oaks.

There are hundreds of species of ambrosia beetle, however it is the imported beetles that are the main concern for live, apparently viable trees.


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