Grant available to improve Atlanta commnuity parks

Park Pride is accepting applications for its Community Micro-Grants Program. The program provides City of Atlanta communities matching grants of up to $500 for public greenspace improvement projects.

Since the program’s inception last fall, Park Pride has awarded 45 grants ranging from $150-$500 to community groups in neighborhoods throughout Atlanta. Examples of worthwhile projects: building a new playground, creation of a nature trail, park beautification, and the addition of amenities such as picnic tables and flower beds.

Neighborhood groups need to submit proposals to their Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU). The NPU then reviews proposals and recommends the award of a Park Pride micro-grant. Each of the City’s 24 NPUs may recommend grants totaling $500 for projects within their jurisdiction.

The Park Pride Micro-Grant application deadline is September 30th. Awards will be announced October 15th. For questions call Allison Barnett at (404) 817-6760.


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