Tree Climbing Championship Draws Near

Registration for the 11th Annual 2008 Georgia Arborist Association Tree Climbing Championship is filling up fast. The event, to be held Saturday, March 1, is at:
The United Methodist Children’s Home
500 South Columbia Drive
Decatur, GA 30030
As always, admission to the event is free and the public is encouraged to come and experience the thrill of competitive tree climbing. These types of events are a great way to see the skill and professionalism required in tree work.

There will be sponsors and prizes for the event. Companies such as Vermeer, Premier Tree Care, Davey, Bartlett, Stihl, American Chainsaw, Rayfield Tree Care, Bishop co., and Baileys have either donated resources or have offered valable prizes to the contestants. Anyone interested in sponsoring or donating can do so online at the GAA website.

Much preparation of the event site is required. Trees need to be pruned, blocks set in trees, ropes run, and competition areas delineated. Anyone interested to volunteer for the Site Prep Day should block out time on February 23.

Potential competitors, sponsors, and volunteers can register online.

Questions or concerns about the events and activities, can contact Executive Director Donna Rayfield at 770-554-3735.


JLB said…
Will you be at the event? I hope you'll bring us some pictures!
J Milton said…
Only from the ground!

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