Cherry Trees in Atlanta Make a Superior Showing

After a dry and dull 2007, it looks as if this year's growing season is commencing with a grand fireworks display. Yoshino Cherry trees are blooming in one of the fullest and consistent displays in recent memory. Just about any asian cherry cultivar or hybrid is glaringly obvious right now. Even the sides of normally drab highway buffers are sprinkled with lavender and nearly-white flowers.

The Yoshino Cherry is the famous tree species in Washington DC, common on US Capitol grounds and around the Library of Congress. In 1909 and again in 1912, the city of Tokyo sent thousands of Japanese cherries to Washington. It is known as Somei-yoshino in Japan, a hybrid of unknown origin that was first introduced in Tokyo in 1872.

Atlanta blogger Judi has a weeping cherry ornamental that is in the spirit too.


Dan said…
These are some great pictures of Cherry trees in bloom. I particularly like the weeping cherry tree, very beautiful!
J Milton said…
Thanks, Dan.

The hardest part was deciding which trees to photograph - there are so many here that are DISARMINGLY STRIKING! I literally stopped my car in the middle of the road to photograph some.

A little story: The middle photograph was taken just after I saw red fox jaunting across the road, chased by three crows. I couldn't stop my car fast enough to get a shot of the fox, so I settled for a photo of the Cherry tree instead.
We have toured Japan for the cherry blossom festivals, and plan to plant a number of these in our Atlanta yard. The cultivar on Okinawa yield the most beautiful bright pink blossoms, and hope to display those in our yard...what a Spring treat!

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