Amazing Flowering Dogwood Tree is Now Historic

Think you've seen some awesome Dogwoods? Try this one out. Athens, Georgia is home to a monster Cornus.

I first saw this specimen in 1996, when I was touring the Hospital grounds in preparation for some tree pruning. I remember thinking that it should be on some kind of "Big Tree List" or something, but I was too preoccupied (lazy) to do anything about it.

The Georgia Urban Forestry Council inducted the tree into its own Historic Tree Register this year. It is located directly beside Prince Avenue at Athens Regional Medical Center. It measures 24" inches in diameter at the base and it is in perfect condition. Next to the tree is a plaque noting its date of planting as 1951, by Charles L. Pope. The majority of the residents regard this tree as one of the largest Dogwood trees in the state of Georgia.

If you would like to write the tree a letter, its address is 1199 Prince Avenue, Athens GA. Or you can just take a trip and see it at Athens Regional Medical Center. Please observe regular visiting hours.


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