City of Atlanta Updates its City Arborist List

The Arborist Division of the Atlanta City Government regularly updates a list of their city Arborists. There are four municipal field personnel, each responsible for a quadrant. They are:

Area 1: Tom Coffin 404.330.6077
Area 2: Janell Bazile 404.330.6071
Area 3: Paul Lewkowicz 404.330.6882
Area 4: Michael Franklin 404.330.6079

For final inspections, contact Stanley Domengeaux 404.546.1047

The Arborist Division is esponsible for reviewing and approving all building permits and tree removal plans.


MikeB said…
What is the proceedue for getting a tree removal permit in the city of Atlanta?
J Milton said…
A homeowner can apply online here or use a fax request to the Bureau of Buildings. If the tree is dead, dying, or hazardous, the permit is supposed to be approved within 3 days. All trees over 6" DBH require a permit, regardless of health, safety, happiness, etc.

If the tree is a healthy tree, then the City Arborist for that particular neighborhood will inspect the tree. Usually the permit is denied, unless the tree meets certain other criteria such as its proximity to the house as explained in this post or if the tree is on the undesirable list and it is under 12" DBH. There are some other criteria, but you get the idea that it is not easy to get a tree removed in the City. This is both good and bad IMHO.

Now if you are developing a lot or adding on to your house, and you have to remove a tree, then it is a completely different process. Maybe a future Tree News post or training series? Maybe another Tree Care Handbook for this subject? Hmmm. What do you think?
MikeB said…
Thanks for the info. I will go through the process and report back on how I do.
J Milton said…
BTW, it helps if you paint a RED "X" on the trunk at about 4-5 feet above soil level.
MikeB said…
I tried to submit for my permit on line but they don't have my address so I am stuck with having to go down and get the information.
J Milton said…
You can fax a request to 404.658.6979, but make sure you follow up immediately to assure they received it.
MikeB said…
Thanks for the info. Yeah a book on how to apply for a tree removal in the City of Atlanta and Sandy Springs would be very helpful.

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