GAA Announces "Hands-On" Ground Worker Training

The Georgia Arborist Association is continuing their vision for high-quality training for the tree care industry. This particular seminar is designed for participation, meaning that a number of activities will actively engage each person in “doing” as opposed to “watching.”

The targeted number of instructors for each learning station is 2, creating a 5:1 instructor/student ratio. A Spanish translator will be available for each group of 10 Spanish speaking participants. A brief written test at the end of the seminar and certificates of completion will be awarded each participant. These subjects will be offered:

1. Electrical Hazards
2. Ground Safety
3. Ground Operations
4. Hazard Assessment
5. Knot Tying
6. Throw Line

Six I.S.A. Continuing Education Credits will be offered

Office: (770) 554-3735
Fax: (770) 554-2022

Saturday, May 31, 2008 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

United Methodist Children’s Home
500 S. Columbia Drive
Decatur, GA 30030


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