Guess the Tree's Age and Win!

MikeB over at RegularDad gave me a great idea for this month's contest.

Can you correctly pin this tree's age?

Here is what you need to know:
• The tree is in the Red oak family, most likely a naturalized Scarlet oak hybrid.
• It is growing in the Atlanta area.
• The photographs were taken last week.

Make your guess by post a comment below. The person who comes the closest will receive a winner's link, with anchor text, to their blog or website of choice. Multiple winners are possible, so get at it!


MikeB said…
If I go with what the talking heads on the local news tell me it's 100 years old and 150 feet tall. I don't even need to know the species location or see the tree.
streamfinder said…
I say 100 years
Anonymous said…
40 years
Steve Pettis said…
45 years
Edward said…
57 years
nonot said…
My expert consultant complains that there are too many variables and is rather vague, but I'm confident that the red oak will be 41 years old this June.
Randy said…
The house looks like it was built in the early 70's (probably at the housing peak of March 1973) and the tree was probably left after the area was cleared.... Or transplanted from a nursery shortly after the house was finished. Either way, 35 yrs (2008 - 1973 = 35yrs) is an absolute minimum age and its probably closer to 40-45(since the tree almost certainly existed AT LEAST 5-10 yrs before the house.)
Like Randy I base my estimate more on the age of the house than the tree. I say the house was built around 1971 and they planted the two trees and 10 shrubs and some grass in front as part of the builder landscape. The tree might have been two- three years old at planting. So I'll go with 39 years old.
climber101 said…
Nah, that house looks like mid-to-late-60's to me. I say the tree is 48.
Anonymous said…
I say 55 years old

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