Blueberries are ready for picking. NOW.

The weather has been sweetly perfect for berries this year, and Tree News just received a tip. The Thoms family farm in Griffin is ready to unleash blueberry mania. We found the big, plump, early berries that everyone craves. The prices are the same as last year: you pick a gallon for $10.00. The place is the same, also: 175 Chappell Mill Rd Griffin, GA. Betsy Thoms recommends that you call 770-461-6013 for updates on blueberry availability.

This week they will be open for picking: June 9th Monday 6-8 pm; June 11 Wed. 9-11 am; June 12 Thursday 6-8 pm; June 14 Saturday 9-11 am.

Pass this information on to your friends and family, web pages, and any where else that you think folks might like non-chemically altered, fresh blueberries.

Remember these freeze well and easily. Don’t pre-wash the berries. Just put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer long enough to freeze the berries individually, then put them in freezer bags. You will be able to enjoy the berries all year.

We look forward to seeing you on the Thoms family farm!


nonot said…
Thanks for the tip on the berries. I thought I'd be a hero and told my wife all about them....she already knew, including the freezing process.

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