Storms Cause Scattered Tree Damage

Trees came down across several roads in the spotty Wednesday night storms across Atlanta metro. Although lightning was the cause of several power outages and an apartment fire, WXIA reported two arboreral incidents: a tree along Beckwith Street near the Atlanta University Center fell and landed on a car, and a huge tree limb near Glenwood Avenue came down and blocked the street.

Neither tree was a pine, of course. How is that possible?


mikeb said…
It's a media conspiracy.

Seriously, how did pine trees get such a bad rap?
Jesse Milton said…
Stay tuned for a future discussion on this controversy.
nonot said…
There may be some negatives filtering in, but just the pine nut alone should smother any seed of controversy. Or should I have said pun nut?
Chuck Chainsaw said…
i remember that storm, hope this year isn't as bad.

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