Tree Reading for this Week

Here is a great article about Greg McPherson, a project leader for the USDA Forest Service. It discusses Greg's recent experiences in urban tree research. Climate change ranting is kept to a minimum. Some of the highlights:

- Greg's research relies on systematic cost-benefit models [Persuasive!].
- Planting tree varieties that require little irrigation will generate benefits many times the initial investment.
- Tree planting efforts should not focus on the number of trees, as this can lead to putting trees in the wrong place. Maximally functional canopy is much more important.

He also reveals some of the more practical benefits of urban tree planting, in addition to the usual ho-hum carbon sequestration and property value figures. Read the full story...PDF

The Greening of America
This Washington Post article investigates the difficulties of finding planting spots for trees in dense urban areas. Full story...

On the flip side
There are well-researched methodologies for uncovering the potential spots for reforestation in urban areas. The paper...PDF


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