Linkfest - big trees

Today's links fall under the category of largest mass - whatever that means.

• ScienceRay posts 11 More Spectacular Trees From Around the World. The last tree on the page he names the "Square Knot Tree," but it's actually a Granny knot.

• The California Register of Big Trees is a chart with factual information about individual specimens growing on the left coast.

• Similar to the above link, American Forests publishes a national register of big trees.

• Georgia has its own registry, but there are no photographs online.

Big Trees Forest Preserve is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. It does in fact have big trees, but they aren't the largest.


Doug Boyle said…
I just took some photos of the Largest Bald Cypress down outside of Orlando Florida, I'll shoot you some pictures if you send me your email.

this puppy is 3500 years old, 118 feet tall (it was over 180 feet back in the 1960's before a lightning strike)

go to my site and send me a message

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