Mountain Park Proposes New Tree Ordinance

Google just sent me this tip, but it looks like the proposed tree ordinance for the City of Mountain Park was posted way back in April 2008. Mountain Park has an html version on their website.

Reading through the ordinance text it appears that the criteria for specimen trees is based on the City of Alpharetta's tree ordinance.

The proposed ordinance requires that a minimum tree density be retained on residential sites following tree removal activities. Density minimums are an un-grandfathered 400 inches per acre. I also found an unusual component stating that it is a violation to "Attach any sign, notice or other object to any tree or fasten any wires, cables, nails or screws to any tree in a manner that could prove harmful to the tree, except as necessary in conjunction with activities in the public interest."

The penalties section is interesting too. Illegal removal of, or damage to, specimen trees requires replacement equal to five times the value in inches.


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