Readers Vote Hickory Trees for Best Atlanta Fall Color

Our poll ends with Hickory receiving the most votes for best fall color in Atlanta. Second place is awarded to Sugar maples for their yellow and orange displays. Red maple came in third, noted for its variety of reds, purples, and golds.


Quirky Quercus said…
how come tulip poplar didn't get a slice of that pie? And no Northern red and scarlet oak?

Don't get me wrong, some hickories are exceptional but how did that get 37% of the readers choice when hickories aren't even sold in nurseries.
Jesse Milton said…
Perhaps next year we will include Tulip poplar and Scarlet oak.

Hickory was a choice due to its HUGE natural Piedmont and north Georgia population, and that this tree is often overlooked as a valuable landscape tree worthy of conservation.

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