Marietta Initiates Long-awaited Tree Planting

The City of Marietta has begun the first phase of its 500 tree planting project. This week alone, 230 trees were installed in the downtown district of the Cobb County seat. Marietta's tree committee, city staff, and some outside experts banded together to determine where the trees would be planted.

The city identified approximately 10 general locations in Marietta that were lacking in adequate canopy cover.

The current plantings are part of a greater master plan the city and community developed two years ago. The master plan targets the main entrance corridors to Marietta, such as the 120 loop where there aren't many existing trees in proximity to the road. The second phase includes installing replacement trees where there are already over-mature trees, such as Church and Cherokee streets, and Kennesaw Avenue.

The city was ready to move forward two years ago, but with the rain deficit and waning water resources Marietta officials decided to wait until the region's rainfall stabilized somewhat. To ensure that supplemental water is available the city will reuse rainwater collected off rooftops of city-owned buildings.


Quirky Quercus said…
I wonder what kind of trees they put in. Those are impressive quantities but the way they sometimes accomplish that is by planting groves of crepe myrtles and willow oaks 10 feet apart beneath powerlines.

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