Trees Recommended for Screening

Erica Glasener is recommending the perfect trees for screening in the Atlanta area. As homes get larger and lot sizes seem to shrink, there is less space between houses to plant. Glasener, writing in an article published today in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, recommends some unusual exciting varieties and some old favorites that will work in small and medium-sized landscapes. Her hot list of trees includes:
'Little Gem' Magnolia
'Bright N Tight' Cherry laurel
Hinoki cypress
Italian cypress

For smaller, narrow spaces, Glasener recommends:
'Stricta' Norway spruce
'Sky Rocket' Rocky Mountain juniper
'Fastigia' Japanese plum yew
'Sky Pencil' Holly
Bamboo planted in large pots (to avoid spreading)

Deciduous trees are often forgotten. Varieties of European Hornbeam and European Beech, closely spaced, make dandy lattice-like barriers in the winter, and transform into dense walls in the summer. For the full article, go to


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